Formatting Relative Dates the Easy Way

Prior to iOS 13, converting a date from the Date object to a nicely formatted string such as “10 days ago” or “next month” required a lot of custom coding or maybe third-party libraries to manage the conversion. The existing DateFormatter is very versatile as well as necessary for easy date localizations but just can’tContinue reading “Formatting Relative Dates the Easy Way”

Using UITabBarAppearance for Tab Bar changes in iOS 13

With iOS 13, Apple finally made some long overdue changes to support more effective customizations of the tab bars, and tool bars in your apps. The new UITabBarAppearance, UIBarAppearance, and related classes lets developers easily modify not just the basics like background and selected colors but spacing, text attributes, badging, and positioning. Creating subtle effectsContinue reading “Using UITabBarAppearance for Tab Bar changes in iOS 13”