UI Test Changes to SwiftUI List and Stepper in iOS 16

Since SwiftUI came out, the extremely useful List control, for creating scrolling, single column, table-style views has been backed under the hood by UITableView. While this probably made it simpler and faster to release the feature, it also had the side effect of tying SwiftUI implementation to a lot of legacy code. With iOS 16,Continue reading “UI Test Changes to SwiftUI List and Stepper in iOS 16”

We’ll Miss You, 360 iDev

As a budding mobile developer back in early 2012 working on my first app, everything about iOS was new and different from the .NET world with which I was familiar. Living in the Denver area at the time, I stumbled upon this local conference named 360|iDev. What I found there was an awesome experience withContinue reading “We’ll Miss You, 360 iDev”

Cleaning Up Swift Enumeration Evaluation

Just some quick and simple Swift stuff in this post around writing cleaner code. It’s pretty common to see a pattern like the following in existing code when evaluating enumerations. While the above code works, it’s also not very legible, is repetitive, and can be hard to maintain as well as error-prone if multiple enumContinue reading “Cleaning Up Swift Enumeration Evaluation”